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Wellcome to OHK

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Facility Item Name Delivered to Capacity Delivery Date
Erosion Control Work of Valley Soil Improving Thickener Ishikawa-gen Ganajawa Construction Work Office 800렏(Added quantity - 200럮/렏) 2003.08
e-Town OHSHIMA Soil Improving Thickener Civilian Oshima City 60000렊 2003.09
Nakadake Dam Construction Work - Kyushu Agricultural Administration Bureau 10000렏(Added quantity-150럮/렏) 2003.09
Imize East Area Soil Transport Work - Fujiyama-gen Dakaoka Farmland 7000렏 2003.10
Ring-form South Line Road Soil Work - Himi City 7000렏 2003.10
National Land Ministry Atsunaisen Work - National Land Ministry Aichi-gen 5700렏(Added quantity-125럮/렏) 2003.12
2nd Muse Creation Work - Civilian Mie-gen Tsushi 10000렏(Added quantity-100럮/렏) 2004
Narita City - Chiba-gen Narita City 1500렏(Added quantity-120럮/렏) 2004.01
Nagao-gen Suwa City Suwa Lake - Nagano-gen Suwa Construction Office 3800렏(Added quantity-210럮/렏) 2004.02
Ouchi Area Farmland Disaster Prevention JR Bridge Guard Floor (and other 1) Works - - 2600렏(Added quantity-100럮/렏) 2004.02
Saga-gen Aichi City - National Land Minisstry Dakeo River Office 4000렏(Added quantity-115럮/렏) 2004.02
Major Local Highway Fujiyama Uots Line Local Specific Road Improvement Work - Fujiyamagen Fujiyama Civil Engineeering Center 4800렏(Added quantity-80럮/렏) 2004.03
Himi IC-dent portion repair work - National Land Ministry Fujiyamagen Himi City Oono 17000렏(Added quantity-42럮/렏) 2004.07
Mugikeura Highway (and other 3) Works - National Land Ministry Ishikawagen Anamizumachi 80000렏(Added quantity-50럮/렏) 2004.07
Gawajima Highway Work - National Land Ministry Ishikawagen Anamizumachi 40000렏(Added quantity-50럮/렏) 2004.10