Wellcome to OHK!
Wellcome to OHK

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 Company Name OHK, Ltd
 Year Founded Jan. 14, 1999
 Business Registration No. 220-81-57746
 Representative Director

Nam Yang-won

Business type Manufacturing (Environmental equipment, machines/appliances, automated control panel, etc.),
Construction (Water supply and sewage facilities, electric works, etc.)

Service (Engineering) Wholesale/retail

 Main office/laboratory/factory Chungcheongnam-Do, Cheonan-City, Seobuk-Gu, Giksan-Eup, 4Sandan-4ro, 11(Block 17-4, Cheonan 4th Industrial Complex)
 Main office telephone number


 Main office fax number 041-587-0555  041-587-0666
 Homepage www.ohk.co.kr
 E-mail ohk2000@ohk.co.kr